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the trilogy

In This Economy is the first in a trilogy of short horror films immersed in a world plagued by demons, where wealth and power are only a few ritual sacrifices away!  This trilogy is a prequel to the feature length film, “Heks Fitte – The Second Coming of the Norwegian Death Metal Gods”, where a young woman must battle not only a group of entitled trust fund psychos, but aging Norwegian Death Metal Gods and their flesh-craving demon mistress!  Bloody good fun!

In This Economy

An underfunded entrepreneur will do anything to get his one of a kind app developed. He has zero issues going to morbid lengths to pay rent to his demon landlord.

Heks Fitte

An unfortunate pair of nature seeking shutterbugs stumble onto a decrepit cabin only to discover it is occupied by the aging members of the demon-worshipping Norwegian Death Metal band Heks Fitte.  The girls fight for their lives to not shoot to number one on the sacrifice chart for Heks Fitte’s album sales and resurgence to fame!  Snapchat this!

Lisa Won't Get Got

Nobody believes Lisa when she says there’s a monster in her apartment.  Being a black-out drunk has pretty much shot her credibility, so she’s left with no choice but to battle the beast alone.  Armed with her vodka, a kitchen knife and all the lessons learned from binge-watching her favorite prison reality show, she ain’t gonna be no demon’s bitch!

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